Wood Scholar Profile: Meet Hannah Leo '11

Hannah Leo '11 with Yale Dance Group
Hannah Leo's list of accomplishments is long and growing. She was Valedictorian of Pomfret School's Class of 2011. Now a Senior at Yale University studying psychology, Hannah also serves as president of the school's dance company, A Different Drum.


PWP: What encouraged or inspired you to attend Pomfret School?

HL: Pomfret has one of the strongest local academic programs.

PWP: As a student here, what are some of your fondest memories?

HL: Advisee dinners, trips to Broadway shows, projects for my AP courses.


PWP: What activities do/did you engage with the most? (sports, arts, theatre, dance, science, community, etc.)

HL: At Pomfret, I was Co-Captain of the dance team, Founder and coordinator of Glee Club, Culturefest coordinator, Co-captain American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life, musical theater, played JV Girls' Soccer, was a coxswain for crew, and was very interested in science, and chorus.

PWP: Do you intend to continue these activities as an undergrad?

HL: I'm still taking many science courses at Yale, as well as dancing modern dance. I'm currently the president of A Different Drum Dance Company, a Yale Dance Program.

PWP: What are some unique qualities about Pomfret that you can speak to?

HL: Life as a day student, the strong academic program, the clubs/activities I participated in, and the ability to form meaningful relationships with teachers and advisors.

PWP: What do you feel set you apart as an applicant to Pomfret?

HL: I was a well rounded student and at the top of my class in middle school. I had unique life experiences and diverse interests.

PWP: What is something you are most proud of accomplishing at Pomfret?

HL: My academic success, involvement in diverse activities and successful planning of events.

(Hannah with Yale's Dance Company, A Different Drum, by Duc Nguyen.)

Hannah Leo '11 with Yale Dance Group
Hannah Leo '11 with Yale Dance Group