Wood Scholar Profile: Meet Daniel Kellaway '13

This past year we sat down with each Wood Scholar and talked about their experiences at Pomfret School. We sipped coffee, cheered on basketball games, and most importantly, got to know each other. Meet Daniel Kellaway.


PWP: What encouraged or inspired you to attend Pomfret School?

DK: I decided to attend Pomfret after I graduated from Rectory School next door. Even though I looked at other boarding schools, in the end Pomfret was by far the best fit, and it was right in my backyard!

PWP: As a student here, what are some of your fondest memories?

DK: I have so many fond memories. There are certain classes that I'll always cherish because of the teachers and the fellow students. I always loved playing with the sports teams, and all of the little pieces of Pomfret that were so wonderful: advisee dinners, spontaneous chats with teachers in the library, quiet Saturday afternoons, and of course, chapel.



PWP: What activities do/did you engage with the most? (sports, arts, theatre, dance, science, community, etc.)

DK: At Pomfret, I tried to try as many activities as possible. Athletically, I ran cross-country all three years and played tennis all three years. I also did the winter musical all three years. During my senior year, I tried to get involved in a number of leadership roles, such as a prefect, senior class representative, peer tutor, and team captain. For a while, I also co-hosted a political radio show on campus!

PWP: Do you intend to continue these activities as an undergrad?

DK: We'll see! I do still have a radio show right now at college, actually.

PWP: What are some unique qualities about Pomfret that you can speak to?

DK: At Pomfret, what the school says about close relationships with fellow students and teachers is really true. The community is every bit as close as advertised.

PWP: What do you feel set you apart as an applicant to Pomfret?

DK: Red hair! I also had the unique combination of going from Rectory to Pomfret, something that doesn't happen as often as one might think given their proximity to one another.

PWP: What is something you are most proud of accomplishing at Pomfret?

DK: The Founder's Medal was an honor I will never forget. I was proud of my Senior Chapel speech when I delivered it. I hope a few kids maybe looked up to me along the way. If they did, my Pomfret career was a success as far as I'm concerned.